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So, I have been on a texture kick lately. It's like my art has this invitation now that says, Touch me! Please touch me! I'm so intrigued by it.

"Fruitful Vision" - 16 x 20in. Mixed Media on Canvas

I have done a number of collaged and mixed media pieces in the past....but, lately....I've been obsessed with how my paintings "feel." What do they invoke emotionally when one reaches out and traces certain elements or features? Does it provoke healing and wholeness? Does it disrupt? etc....

My process is in, here is what I've learned so far.

1) LAYERing is everything.

2) There is no right or wrong way to do this. Be FREE to get creative and try new out new materials and ideas.

3) Be careful with your COLORS. You don't want them muddied.

4) Texturing MEDIUMS are your friend! And nothing to be feared....

"Strength" - 12 x 12in. Mixed Media on Wood Panel

5) Approach this as an adventure in EXPLORE-ation.

6) Take the pressure off and HAVE FUN WITH IT!

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I live in Charleston, SC and for the past week, life as we know it came to a virtual standstill as we braced for Hurricane Florence. As we watched the news, we had to weigh the decision of whether to stay and ride it out or to go. Technically, we live in a coastal evacuation zone. However, our house has never had flooding, we felt confident as we watched the storm weaken that we were fairly safe to ride it out at home.

That meant that we had a full 8 days of no work or ministry obligations because we were also coming off a short mini-vacation just as the evacuation orders came from the governor. We are by nature, a productive family and we have never that I can remember had 8 days straight of no work or ministry activities. So, we decided to make the most of this time.

We had family dinners together and hung out and cleaned. We also took some time to pursue creative activities that helped to stave off the eventual boredom of being shut in. I decided that I would try my hand at some acrylic pour paintings. I'd done a couple in the past....but, I really wanted to play with this technique while I had this extra time and see where it would go. My husband had fun watching me work too! ;)

I can't wait to show you all the finished pieces once they are dry. I'm going to resin them also since I poured most of these on recycled tiles instead of canvas.

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