Welcome to Dayna Lopez Art

Where Creativity Meets Faith

Dayna Lopez is a mixed media artist in Charleston, SC.  

She was born in 1980 in Indianapolis, IN, but later fell in love with the coastal south and has resided in

Charleston since 2000.

Her art connects people with the spiritual realm and reality of the supernatural.  She is eclectic and fun.  Her sense of adventure is clearly expressed through all of her art forms.


A love for broken things....

Whether it's seen in her commissioned spiritual paintings or in her funky mixed media assemblage works, a common theme emerges... Dayna is passionate about taking broken and abandoned things and giving them new purpose and life. 

Sometimes this translates to encouraging broken people, that life has torn down, and calling out the gold in them as she creates a painting designed just for them during a time of prayer and meditation.  

Other times, it is finding broken objects and things that people have "tossed away" and incorporating them into a beautiful piece of art.  There are no limits to the materials she uses.....from broken jewelry to old rusted hardware pieces to plastics pulled from the garbage.  There are few limits to what she will use.  If it speaks to her.... she finds a way to incorporate it into her work.